Anton Goncharov Software Development
I develop products of high complexity for the web and enterprise. I lead a whole project cycle from scratch, starting with architecture and follow through to product release. Graphical design is not in my area, but I can brief a design team from the tech point of view.

I create services which simplify business routine and introduce competitive advantages. Working on them, I have a strong understanding of what constitutes a well-structured architecture, which will not require remodelling for every new task. I rely on proven and intelligible tools. My work is focused on maximizing automated routine, in order to ensure an efficient product. I appreciate professionalism and competence.

I look at customers issues from their point of view and always try to communicate in clear and understandable language. I'm skilled in planning, so can be relied to be left to my own devices. All tasks performed by me are broken down to component parts, with thorough updates at each stage, as it's required.

I don't take orders for landing page or promosite development.

Only officially contracted work will be accepted – no verbal agreements.

Notable projects


Integration in "Magnit" Implementing ESB and developing integration services. I designed and developed inter-application data exchange in the largest retailer with wide geography ( My team implemented highload data flows, which handled millions messages daily, monitoring and audit system, guaranteed delivery instruments. I dealt with application architecture, development, team management and department work planning at different times. Tech stack: Java SE/EE, Apache Camel, Apache Karaf, ActiveMQ, Spring, Vaadin, Hibernate, Tomcat, Oracle Database, Informatica PowerCenter
Integrating financial software Data flows integrating an investment management solution with outer applications. I designed and implemented complex data flows using Talend Open Studio. Introduced supplementary features on top of the Talend ESB basic functionality: extended logging, tracing and inter-job communication. Used ZohoCRM API for some of the data flows. Acquired in-depth knowledge of Talend ESB tools and possible pitfalls. Tech stack: Java SE, Talend ESB, Oracle Database
TEM Autoloader Automatic loading of invoices from cell providers. I developed and supported the application that loaded invoices from cell providers worldwide into a single accounting system. Documents, which may be quite large, have various formats and extensions such as xls, csv, mdb, edifact, xml, etc. Some invoices are fetched automatically from cell provider websites. Tech stack: Java SE, JDBC, Xerces SAX, Apache POI, Oracle Database


Ridesharing service "Fasten" "Uber"-like application. I developed commercial ridesharing service, which connected drivers and passengers ( The serviced aimed for the US market, so it was necessary to integrate it with local payment providers. Main competitors: Uber, Lyft, etc. The application is modular and scalable with service-oriented design. I designed and implemented the billing functionality, the gateways for integration with payment providers and some essential business logic. I developed the notification functionality, which interacted with Apple and Google push services. Tech stack: Java EE, Drools, Hazelcast, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Wildfly AS (ex-JBoss AS)
Device management in a family setting Portal for centralized management of a device group. I developed a portal for managing devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones) of family members. It provides functions to create rules and restrictions for these gadgets, e.g, parental control or scheduled updates. The portal has an application store supporting various platforms. I implemented API for connecting the portal with different platforms. The portal works with iOS Mobile Device Management. I created application store from scratch and supplied it with an administrative tools. Tech stack: Java SE, Spring Web+Security, Spring REST, Spring Data, MongoDB, MySQL, AngularJS
US Electional Analytics Portal Development of a portal with the US election races media analytics. I developed an intranet analytics portal for an authoritative US-based media company. The application aggregates open data about presidential and gubernatorial elections media campaigns, and provides a dashboard for the reporting using D3.js geographical maps and flexible charts. Tech stack: Java SE, Spring Web+Security, Spring REST, Spring Data, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, d3.js


Art Gallery Portal Development of a portal for one of the biggest western art galleries. I developed a toolset for the content authors and supported existing components by performing changes according to the client's requirements. Tech stack: Java SE, Apache Felix (OSGi), Adobe AEM, JSP
docIO Enterprise content management system. I designed and developed a task management system with an embedded document storage. The main purpose is to store documents along with their version history and attach them to typed tasks. In order to create task workflows, a visual editor is developed too. Tech stack: Java SE, JDBC, Spring Web, JSP+JSTL, Tomcat, IBM DB2, jQuery, RaphaëlJS
Bamberg Travel blogging platform and editor tools. I created a plain and clean system for organizing travel stories. It provides the writing and composing tools to the author, shows the posts to the readers, has filters by time and destination. A travel note page is created in a WYSIWYG-editor. Tech stack: Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS (MEAN stack)